Family Dental Care

Family Dentistry Burlington, Mississauga & Brampton

For 20 years the dental team at Britannia Dental Center have been caring for families. Moms, Dads, children and grandchildren have all trusted their dental health to our team. Why do families and individuals stay with us so long? Most tell us it is because they appreciate receiving the highest standard of dental care from a staff of truly devoted and caring professionals. They also tell us it is because they feel at “home” when they arrive in our front door.

When people ask us about our family-­centered practice we tell them the story of our receptionist. NAME is not only the first person you see when you walk into our Mississauga office but she’s also been a patient of Dr. Sherif’s since she was 4 years old. NAME remembers getting hints from the friendly staff on where the treasure chest was hiding and looking excitedly for the room colour that had been given to her.

The long and successful relationship we’ve had with NAME isn’t unusual with our team. We have patients we have been seeing for over 2 decades and we hope to add you to our list!