Emergency Dentist & Dental Emergencies

Emergency Dental Treatment in Burlington


When you have a dental emergency, it is best to go to the dentist as soon as possible and get checked immediately after the incident occurs.  Emergencies happen at the most inopportune times and cannot be scheduled into an appointment.  A dental emergency can be described as a serious toothache, bad tooth pain or discomfort that cannot be calmed by over the counter medicine.  The other types of emergencies are tooth filling falling out, a crown falling out, a veneer falling out, a lumineer falling out, a bridge falling out, or a dental implant falling out or breaking.  

In case of an emergency, contact us right away to schedule a visit.  Swelling can happen as well and this usually means that there’s an infection lingering; there might even be abscess that needs to be drained from the tooth, infections are very painful and can cause the skin to feel very warm.  Should something, such as a crown or denture break, do not attempt to fix it on our own.  The most important thing when it comes to dental emergencies is to stay calm and ensure that the emergency is dental related.  

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The information provided is for general information purposes only and not intended to replace professional care. Please consult your physician or dentist for advice and diagnoses so you can be properly treated for your specific situation.