Cleaning and Whitening

Your appearance is very important, it gives you the confidence to proceed in everyday life and it affects all first appearances when you first meet someone.  Keeping your teeth looking clean is one of the most important aspects of your appearance.  A beautiful smile will give you the confidence you need with business and personal relationships, it will also ensure that you keep your natural teeth for a long time, preventing tooth loss.  Keeping bacteria out of your mouth is also just as important, good oral hygiene will result in a healthy smile and also prevent serious diseases.

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning involves the removal of plaque and tarter deposits that develop on your teeth over time. The saliva in your mouth contains calcium which can produce a build up of calcium deposits on the teeth. These calcium deposits can be tooth coloured but may also range from brown to black in colour.

As tarter grows on the teeth, bacteria will begin to accumulate next to the gums in your mouth. During a dental cleaning and polish, we create a smooth, clean surface on your teeth. This clean surface prevents bacteria from growing.

With the use of dental tools, our dental hygienists at Britannia Dental Centre will remove the build up and deposits without causing any damage to your teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Normally the natural colour of your teeth is a wide range of light grayish-yellow shades.  As you age, teeth naturally become darker and due to multiple stains the appearance of your teeth can gradually change into something that you are not happy with.

There are two main whitening options available when it comes to teeth whitening. These options include home teeth whitening kits and in office whitening. A teeth whitening kit allows you to whiten your teeth at the comfort of your home, however our teeth whitening service at the Britannia Dental Centre can leave your teeth whitened within 1 hour.

The procedure involved in teeth whitening is bleaching the enamel to clear away the stains and blemishes from teeth.

Oral Hygiene Instructions

Brushing teeth should start early with the eruption of the first tooth in the mouth and continue throughout life. Brushing teeth helps remove food debris and plaque which if left untreated  will be harbored by bacteria. This can then develop into tooth decay and gum disease.

Although there are many techniques used for brushing teeth, you will need to learn the correct method of doing it because brushing teeth the wrong way will not only affect your teeth but can also cause gum disease such as recession.

Often times, our patients will ask why they may have developed tooth decay. The first question we ask them is if they brush and floss their teeth? The answer is usually “Yes” however it is surprising to know that 90% of our new patients don’t actually know the correct techniques of brushing teeth.

Brushing teeth the correct way is scientifically proven and CDA approved to not only protect your teeth from decay but also protect your gums and general health from other serious diseases such as heart problems.

At Britannia Dental Centre, our certified hygienists and trained dentists will teach you how to take care of your teeth properly and will tailor a recall schedule that is unique to every patient of ours. We take into consideration the amount of times you brush your teeth, your daily flossing habits, whether you follow instructions on how to brush your teeth the correct way, lifestyle and smoking routine, your eating and snaking habits and history of gum disease and active tooth decay.