CT-Guided Implants

CT-Guided Implants

Implants can make all the difference when a tooth or teeth are missing. With an implant the pleasures of normal (and worry-free) eating are restored along with your smile.

Dr. Sherif is the Britannia Dental Center implant specialist who uses our CT-Guided implant equipment at our state-of-the-art clinic.

If you are deciding where to have your implants done, we believe we are your very best choice. That’s because since 2013 we have been one of the only GTA dental clinics with CT-Guided implant equipment that’s state of the art and in-house. What difference does in-house CT-Guided equipment make to you? You’ll experience an easier, faster and more successful implant experience.

Need more reasons to make Dr. Sherif and Britannia Dental Centre your top choice for implants? Dr. Sherif is highly highly trained, licensed and government monitored. Using our state-of-the-art CT-Guided implant equipment, Dr. Sherif is able to show you exactly what your jaw looks like so you know how your implant will be placed. Through our extensive imaging we are also able to identify and address any challenges we anticipate before treatment begins.

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