Invisalign Burlington & Mississauga

Many people might feel embarrassed or self conscious when it comes to their smile. Dental braces for children or teenagers are common to see in today’s society, however being an adult with braces might leave you feeling uncomfortable. You may feel even more uncomfortable wearing braces if your work requires interaction with colleagues or clients. Apart from the embarrassment of conventional fixed braces, wearing them can also result in a painful mouth which can make your daily oral function feel overwhelming.

Invisalign braces are essentially invisible trays that are created from clear plastic. Metal parts are not used in its construction which results in a smile that promote confidence during your teeth straightening procedure. Apart from Invisalign braces being practically invisible, they are also removable. You can simply take them out while you eat or drink. This flexibility helps improve your oral health significantly while you undergo your Invisalign treatment.

Throughout the treatment process, a series of invisible aligners will be provided that are created individually for your teeth. Within the course of two weeks, these aligners will be replaced while a new set will be provided. These aligners help your teeth shift bit by bit towards their final desired position. Since the changes in progress at a slow pace, most patients will only experience little to no discomfort during their Invisialign treatment. The length of treatment ranges typically from 6-15 months, depending on the patients condition.

Invisalign braces can correct several problems in your mouth such as under bite, cross bites, crowding and gaps or spacing of teeth. While the position of your teeth are corrected during treatment, various other oral health issues also start to improve such as tooth erosion and gum disease.

Invisialign braces carry significant benefits and advantages to your oral health. Improve your smile and regain your confidence with Invisiaign treatment. Contact Britannia Dental Centre to get started on a straighter, brighter smile today!